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Jim Edwards CECP -  is owner of the DNA Holistic Center in Sycamore, IL.  He is certified in the Emotion Code – a technique to release  trapped emotions so people (and animals) can get on with their lives.  He is Chairman of the non-profit Illinois Leadership Project, President of the F.E.G. Consulting Group and is a past Mayor of the City of Sycamore.

For an email session contact me at


Phone session call  


(if I am not available leave your contact

info and I will get back with you)

Information needed: 

name, email address, phone number,  issues you are dealing with

and if you can, email a picture of yourself for an email or phone session 

(not necessary for in-person session)

Emails sessions have no set schedule.  Once you email the information I need (name, email address, phone number, issues and a photo of you in beneficial) I will let you know when the session will take place via email and will send a detailed report to you at the end of the session..  You do not need to be present and you can go about your normal activities regardless of when the session takes place.

Schedule for in person or phone sessions:
                            (Central Time)
                            Monday 11am – 2pm

                            Tuesday 11am-1pm,  2pm-4pm, 6pm-9pm

                            Wed, 11am-2pm

Times can be negotiated sometimes if my hours don't absolutely fit into your schedule.

However, email sessions may be best if you can not work with the above schedule.