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Frequently Asked Questions

What issues do you help with?

We first find out and clear underlying imbalances that are causing your symptoms or illness.
We also release trapped emotions for people who want to feel more love, joy and gratitude in their lives.

Here are some specific issues the Emotion Code has helped: anxiety, arthritis, addiction, allergies, bedwetting, blood pressure problems, cancer, carpal tunnel, chest pain, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, digestive disorders, dyslexia, eating disorders, erectile dysfunction, fibromyalgia, frigidity, headaches, hip pain, hormonal problems, hypoglycemia, impotency, infections, infertility, insomnia, joint pain, knee pain, learning disabilities, lupus, morning sickness, multiple sclerosis, neck pain, night terrors, weight issues, organ malfunction, panic attacks, Parkinson’s disease, phobias, PSTD, sciatica, sinus problems, skin problems, tinnitus, tendonitis, thyroid problems, vertigo.


Do I have to share sensitive information?

Not unless you want to. When a trapped emotion energy that requires release is identified, I will ask, “Is there anything more we need to know about this?” Usually the answer is no, but if it is yes, I will ask you to tell me what you think this might be about. Sometimes it helps me to know your age in order to determine when a particular trapped emotion got there.  This can also help you remember an emotional event that caused the trapped energy. And if you would rather not share it, that is entirely up to you. Once I identify a trapped emotion, you are welcome to share as much or as little as you care to. 


What will I experience afterwards?

Most people report feeling lighter and happier afterwards. However, your emotions may go up and down for a couple of days while the energy settles. It is strongly recommended that you drink lots of plain water (preferably filtered) during and after your session, to assist your immune system in repairing damage previously caused by trapped emotions that have now been released. If you have been traumatized, it may take a little time before you realize that things have changed. While most people are aware of positive changes after only one session, for some it takes additional sessions.


How long will it take me to get better?

It depends!  Most people who need support are those that have been ill or unhappy for a very long time.  Their symptoms tend to be complex and they’ve often tried everything they can think of without success.  Many have spent thousands of dollars on doctor visits, drugs, herbs, acupuncture, massage etc. and are desperate to finally find something that works. The sicker you are, the longer it may take to heal (although not that is not always the case!).  I find that after amassing several symptoms, it can take eight to ten sessions to peel the layers of the onion back to discover and heal the true underlying causes of my clients problems.  Trapped emotions are one of the most common causes of imbalance in the body and we will typically release between three and ten trapped emotions per session.  Your body can only handle so much “detoxing” at a time and you can not “rush” your improvement.  You may not get relief with just one session, although often we can discover some major underlying imbalances that have been sabotaging your health.  Within five sessions, most people experience a major shift in how they feel, especially if they follow the course of their treatment plan and their sessions are kept at weekly intervals. By the end of ten sessions, most people have a really solid foundation for healing, since their immune system has been liberated by not being blocked by all of those trapped energies that have been interfering with its function.


Are the sessions confidential?

Absolutely.  As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner it is a core duty to keep all of our sessions confidential, unless you request consent to release the information.

How do email sessions work?

This is the most convenient way for many people who have busy lives.    I can act as proxy for you without you having to be present.  I just need your permission to work on releasing whatever trapped emotions randomly come up.  However, if you are dealing with specific physical, mental or emotional issues I need to know what you are dealing with so we can concentrate on clearing trapped emotions that may be responsible for those issues. I also need your name and age (and a photo is helpful).    I make notes of everything that is done, and after each session I will send a detailed report of what I found, what I released and any other information related to the session.

How do telephone sessions work?

If you live outside the area or you are unable to come to Sycamore, then a telephone session might be best for you. After getting your permission – I  act as proxy for you or your children – and then do the muscle-testing on myself. All trapped energies found are released from you, not me. Instead of running the magnet down your spine, as I do with in-person clients, I run it from the front of my head, over my head and down to the back of my neck with “intention energy” to release that particular trapped emotion. We will release as many trapped emotions as your subconscious indicates at that time. You receive an email report (or hard copy via regular mail) detailing the work done soon after your session.

How do in-person sessions work?

When you visit my office for a session, we sit together at a table in front of my laptop displaying technical information I work with. After taking a few moments to silently ask for divine assistance with this work, I will establish a baseline muscle test with you to ensure that you are testable. If not, there are a few simple things that can be done to reverse this situation. And, if you’re still not testable, I will act as proxy for you and do the muscle-testing on myself on your behalf. When a trapped emotion energy that needs to be released is identified, I will run a special magnet three to ten times down (or up) your spine, with the intention to release that energy, and will then muscle-test you to check that it has been released. The session continues with finding and releasing as many energies as your sub-conscious mind indicates (by muscle-testing) can be released at that time. I will give you a duplicate copy of the notes made at the end of the session, and will also email you the notes later.


When can I schedule an appointment?
Here is my usual schedule:
(Central Time)
Monday 11am – 2pm

Tuesday 11am-1pm,  2pm-4pm, 6pm-9pm

Wed, 11am-2pm
Times can be negotiated sometimes if my hours don't absolutely fit into your schedule. However, email sessions may be best if you can not work with the above schedule. 

How do I pay?

In-person clients: cash, check, credit card, debit card (online or at appointment).

Phone or email clients:  online via credit card, debit card or PayPal.