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Heart Wall

An energetic (very real) wall you built 

around your heartsubconsciously to

protect yourself from getting hurt again.

Dr Bradley Nelson, founder of The Emotion Code modality, has described the heart-wall as “The Greatest Discovery in the History of Energy Medicine.” He found that most people (about 93% of us) have an energetic wall around our hearts that prevents us from freely expressing the love we would really like to project and from being able to fully receive the love that comes our way.


The Heart-Wall is entirely composed of trapped emotions. It is usually created during a difficult time in our lives when we felt we were under attack. In response, our sub-conscious minds gathered up some of the trapped emotions in the vicinity of the heart and creates an energetic barrier around the heart to protect it. Very effective and very necessary. However, the trapped emotions can linger for years even after the emotional taxing event has passed, preventing you from enjoying relationships with other humans as you should.  


We can help you to identify and release all the trapped emotions that make up your heart-wall, so you will be free to relate to others in the way your heart truly wants you to. Heart-walls come in all sizes. It usually takes about three sessions to removes all the negative energies that contribute to your Heart Wall, so, why not have yours removed and start experiencing the peace, happiness and joy that is your true nature?