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Nature knows best! That’s why we specialize in making the great organic smoothies. If you haven’t incorporated organic fruits and vegetables in blended smoothies into your daily eating routine, then you don’t know what you’re missing out on!  Six reasons why you should: 


   1. Nutrient rich smoothies offer many health benefits, including a faster and more efficient way to absorb nutrients - flooding the body with micronutrients. Many conditions can be alleviated or treated through diet therapy. Organic fruits and vegetable smoothies contain phytochemicals and enzymes that can lost when from heating during traditional cooking methods. 


   2. Packed with antioxidants:  Antioxidants are important substances which support the immune function and have the ability to eliminate cancer-causing free radicals and toxins. Antioxidants are normally found in fresh foods and vegetables. Organic smoothies are not only delicious and refreshing but also rich in antioxidants and nutrients that you should consume on a daily basis.


   3. Populates your digestive system with good bacteria

Your gut is your second brain. Research has shown that you really are what you eat. Therefore, if you’re eating “unhealthy” – your health is at risk.  Your diet is foundational for good health!


   4. Skin health: Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and other plant ingredients that are naturally healing for the skin. Vitamins A, C and E are especially beneficial for protecting the skin against UV rays, which may cause wrinkles and premature aging. Antioxidants are also great for repairing damaged skin and can reduce the appearance of scars or acne. 

   5. Promotes weight loss:  What better way to lose weight than by consuming healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables? Organic smoothies contain healthy calories which are not turned into fat.   Your body will get all the necessary nutrients so you won’t have to rely on diets that often do not work.

   6. Convenient:  Organic smoothies are perfect for a meal on the go. You can always buy a smoothie on your way to or from work, while you’re out, or simply as a healthy substitute for a meal! Just pick your favorite fruits or vegetables and enjoy the full range of healthy nutrients.

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Salt lamps

Mosaic Lamps

Greens superfood



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superfood ingredients

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Oil on canvas paintings

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Smoothies form organics fruits and veggi



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Vintage Olympic


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